Natural fibers

ADO fabrics made of natural fibers

It will not have escaped your attention that the proportion of natural fibers in our new collection has grown a lot. In the past we placed our focus on making our fabrics as easy to maintain as possible and so concentrated on synthetic fibers, replacing more and more with recycled fibers. But that wasn’t enough for us, which is why we intentionally took the step to include natural fibers in our product range to create more natural products. Natural fibers are slightly less lightfast than synthetic fibers and so it is “natural” that colors may differ slightly from one piece to the next. But that is exactly the charm of these natural fabrics. Our new additions are therefore made with linen, cotton or viscose and, of course, with as much recycled material as possible.

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Durable thanks to easy maintenance

We wouldn’t be ADO, if we didn’t always have an eye on the easy maintenance of our products. For us, easy care means ensuring that our products are washable, with less than 2% shrinkage as well as easy to iron. That’s why we have put together an overview of what advantages the various fabrics have and how they are best cared for. Because our products are designed to last, with the right maintenance they will keep looking like new for a long time to come!

Natural easy care

Renewable fibers

This natural material has temperature and moisture-regulating properties, allowing curtains with cotton content to absorb moisture from the air, ensuring a pleasant indoor atmosphere. The renewable raw material is durable and easy to care for, however, it is more prone to creasing than synthetic materials.
• Soft, durable and easy to care for

Linen is highly valued for its toughness and antistatic properties but is also susceptible to creasing. It is not only highly tear-resistant but also ensures a cool climate on hot days. The renewable raw material is stain resistant and should, when necessary, be washed at a low temperature and on a low spin cycle, in accordance with the washing recommendations. Products made of linen are not suitable for the dryer and are best air dried on the washing line.
• Antistatic, tear-resistant, airy

Made of recycled plant waste but produced in a chemical process, viscose is not, strictly speaking, a purely natural fiber but also not a synthetic fiber. Viscose is more prone to creasing than synthetic materials and should be washed before sewing due to possible shrinkage. The soft material ensures a good drape with a silky shine and has antistatic properties.
• Antistatic, soft, silky shine

This breathable fiber is not only stain resistant but it also has additional heat insulating properties. Despite its great elasticity it is prone to shrinkage and felting, which
is why it’s all the more important to check the care label instructions. Wool is stain resistant and can be recycled.
• Stretchy, heat-insulating, crease resistant

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