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When choosing new curtains, drapes and upholstery fabrics, do you also focus first on aesthetic points such as color and design? Be sure that ADO has much more to offer! Our home fabrics have invisible product functions. This means that they not only look good, they also actively contribute to a safe and pleasant home.  


Thanks to special processing and special yarn properties, we also offer antiviral fabrics, thermal fabrics, blackout curtains and lots of other products. Flame retardant and sound absorbing textiles are the basis for functional fabrics, which are often used in bedrooms and children's rooms as well as in hotel furnishings – of course always in proven ADO quality.

ADO CoverTex™: Wall Coverings with System

Textiles are an indispensable part of interior design and provide a comfortable feeling at home on windows, in furniture and as accessories. But they are rarely found on the wall. Why not? With our ADO CoverTex™ covering system, walls can be embellished and decorated with a variety of fabrics.


ADO Wall Covering

Sustainable Fabrics

Our long term goal is to convert our product line to 100% recycled materials so that we do not consume new resources, but keep existing ones in the loop.


All Sustainable Fabrics

Curtain Tapes for Different Looks

Curtain tapes are the underestimated product features. Yet they are the ones that really make curtains and drapes stand out. So they become a real eye-catcher and a particularly beautiful decoration for your windows.

Explore Curtain Tapes & Accessories

Any Questions About ADO Product Features?

So many features make it hard to choose! Do you have a question about one of our models or a special product function? Then just get in touch with us. We will provide you with comprehensive advice.



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