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Sustainable Fabrics at ADO

We have a clear vision: to produce more and more sustainable fabrics. Our long-term goal is to convert the ADO assortment to 100% of recycled. Why? By doing so, we don't use new resources, but keep the existing ones in circulation to create beautiful and functional textiles for your home. 

We started with a sustainable collection containing up to 63 % recycled polyester. Since then, we've been constantly evolving and finding new solutions that allow you to live sustainably and that look great. In the New Collection Fall in Love (Fall 2023), you'll find a well-chosen selection of cleverly designed fabrics that are sustainably produced and help you save valuable energy, as thermal and blackout curtains do. 

In our Product Overview, just filter by "recycled" to get an overview of our versatile eco-friendly fabrics. Have you noticed? You can tell if your curtains are sustainable by the letters "RE" in the product name. You can also read all about our forward-thinking design criteria on our Sustainability page.

REMO RE 3107

Sustainable Fabrics Made of Synthetic Fibers?

Natural Fibers are trending – with their noble appearance, strong natural properties such as moisture regulation, tear resistance and, of course, sustainable properties. 

But, synthetic fibers also lend eco-friendly qualities to home furnishings: Even though more energy is initially required for their production, less water and dyes are used at the same time. Moreover, synthetic material does not have to be cultivated, so arable land, water and pesticides are not needed at all. 

However, synthetic fibers score the most with their durability, because they are very light and wash resistant. Thus, these textiles retain their color strength longer, even if they are permanently exposed to strong UV radiation at the window. And even frequent washing does not diminish the color life, which is particularly pleasing for allergy sufferers. 

REVIN RE 8009 + REVAL RE 8009

ADO RE at a Glance

  • Saving energy, water and CO2
  • Environmental protection through the processing of plastic waste into new textiles 
  • Timeless design
  • Very good light and wash resistence
  • Recyclability
  • No quality loss

Also Sustainable: Proper Product Care

Curtains do not need to be washed as often as many people think, and especially not as hot. In most cases, even a short wash program at a maximum of 30° C is sufficient to achieve the desired cleaning effect. The spin program may also be run on the lowest setting or even left off altogether to prevent fiber fracture and wrinkling. Note that before washing your curtains, remove or securely tie off any solid parts. 

For all advice on caring for ADO curtains and covers, and step-by-step instructions, check out our care tips

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