Curtain tapes and finishing

Setting the scene for fabrics

Light and breezy drapes or a beautiful pair of curtains can really make a house feel like a home. They also bring a whole raft of benefits – they protect you from prying eyes, from too much sun or cold and improve the acoustics of the room. Drapes and curtains can be made from almost any kind of textile and can be integrated into every room and every interior style. Discover the creative potential of fabrics!


Curtain tapes

Curtain tapes ensure that your drapes fall perfectly, exactly the way you want. A high quality standard and large selection of special decorative and pleat tapes ensure easy mounting. At the same time, they are easy to care for and can be easily washed and ironed. There are over 200 variations in our curtain tape collection, providing you with complete design freedom.



Curtain tape options

A different tape, a different look

Shirring tapes are popular for use with fabrics, as they form soft decorative pleats and ensure the pleats hang loosely. They are ideal for patterned curtains and decorative fabrics that can be decorated in pleats perfectly in line with the repeat.

Pleating tapes with fixed pleat groups with a width of 26 mm to 100 mm allow precise pleats to be created with ease. Pleating tapes are available in a variety of different versions, which vary in terms of fullness, distances between pleats and pleat groups from single to seven-fold pleats.

Always ideal for use with fixed decorations, valances or tie-backs, embellished pleating tapes create a modern decoration and ensure that the pleats hang evenly.

Wave pleat tapes and wave curtain tapes enable a very modern way of decorating, thanks to the wave-shaped way the pleats hang. The most modern tapes are suitable for almost all fabrics (single-colour, all-over or horizontal stripe fabric articles). The uniformity and full depth of the wave pleat is expressed across the entire decoration.

Pencil pleat tapes ensure that the pleats hang elegantly and precisely. Thanks to the vertically liked and rounded pleats, the pencil pleat tape is the perfect choice for many decoration options. It can also be used for almost all curtains and drapery.

Flat pleating tapes create a very beautiful and uniform pleat formation. To strengthen the upper pleat gathering, it is important to secure the pleats on the tape by sewing over them. This keeps the pleats securely in the desired position and avoids the need for unnecessary redecorating.

Hanging without curtain tape

For those who prefer things a little more laidback, drapes without curtain tape are the perfect solution. The natural drape of the fabric is at the focus, while curtain tapes ensure exact and perfectly aligned pleating. A loosely draped look can be achieved with different types of hanging.



Tie tabs

An intricate look with tie tabs is highly decorative and looks especially sophisticated in a country-style living room, romantic bedroom or cheerful child's room. Particularly light, airy and semi-transparent fabrics look great with tie tabs. The length of the ready-made drapery length can be flexibly altered depending on the length of the tie tabs - you can vary the length by simply tying them. Our tip for you: A design with tie tabs doesn't just look good on windows - it also makes a great impression when hung up on a bedframe, for example.



Tab top drapes and curtains are very easy to install and are among the most popular types of drapery. Their tabs are simply slid onto the drapery pole. However, it's also possible to mount them to curtain rails or curtain tracks. The result is loosely falling drapery with a light look and natural drape.



Curtains or drapery with eyelets are a breeze when it comes to mounting and decoration - they merely have to be slid onto the curtain pole. They can only be attached to curtain or drapery poles - and not ceiling rails.


Rod pocket with head

This type of ready-made product is produced by sewing the top of the fabric into a tunnel shape so that the drapery or curtains can simply be slid onto the pole. Drapery and curtains that are ready made in this way are simple to hang up. Tailor-made drapery and curtains featuring a rod pocket with head are suitable for curtain poles, track rails and curtain rails.



Pleated blinds

Sometimes flexibility is needed, for example in the kitchen, bathroom or where floor-length curtains would be in the way. On the one hand you want adequate light, on the other, you want protection from prying eyes. In this case pleated blinds offer the perfect solution because they serve both purposes –you can close or open the blind with one easy pull. When it comes to the aesthetics there are plenty of options, with blinds made in a variety of materials and with a range of mechanisms to choose from.



Made to measure and tailored to perfection

Textiles are products you should be able to touch and feel to find exactly the right one for you. Our retailers have a wide range of products on offer and will give you professional advice free of charge. High quality window dressing should be carefully planned in advance, so that it will give you pleasure for years to come.


Café curtains

Café curtains, bistro or tier curtains are the most widespread kitchen curtains around. Why? They let in sufficient light, ensure an element of privacy and are perfect in country house-style kitchens or smaller vintage kitchens, adding a pretty, playful quality to the home.


LIA 4012 / 110

Panel curtain

A panel curtain, also known as a panel blind, is a smooth vertical window treatment that slides on rails, seemingly floating from the ceiling. They are perfect as privacy and sun protectors for floor-length windows and glass doors or as room dividers. Panels with different colors and designs provide variety and color accents for the room.

String curtain

ADO Cordon® is the original among the string curtains and is a true design classic. It has been a popular interior design element for architects and interior designers since 1973 and is also popular in private homes. ADO Cordon® is  extremely robust, fire retardant, especially lightfast and can be shortened to any desired length.


CORDON 9705 / 10
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