Easier than You Think: Washing Upholstery Fabrics and Curtains

What would a home be without beautiful curtains, drapes and furniture covers? Home textiles make our rooms really comfortable and help us to truly feel at home. Regular care is essential so that you can enjoy your ADO products for a long time. It's not just people with allergies who can tell you how wonderfully fresh your home feels when your curtains are washed and your upholstery covers are cleaned.

We'll explain why and how to clean your ADO curtains and upholstery easily and without spending a lot of time. Be sure: it's easier than you might think.

ADO: Beautiful Fabrics for a Comfortable Feeling at Home

There's no question that furnishing and decorative fabrics are indispensable elements of interior design: Curtains and drapes bring a breath of fresh air into your rooms even when the windows are closed. And every new covering fabric gives your upholstered furniture a completely new character. 


That's why ADO presents atmospheric New Collections twice a year, where you can discover trendy fabrics for your home. These are not only beautiful and highly topical, they also convince with clever Product Features.

Washing Covers and Curtains: Why Is Regular Care so Important?

Unfortunately, technology has not yet reached the point where upholstery fabrics, curtains and drapes wash themselves. You still have to do a bit of work yourself. But it is totally worth it!


1. Permanently Brilliant Colors

Fresh colors, pretty prints and fascinating structures - a regularly washed ADO curtain permanently shines in all its beauty. During curtain care, dirt particles are removed that could damage the fabric in the long term, for example through chemical, mechanical or UV radiation effects. 


2. Caring for Your Home Textiles Is No Matter of Time

But "regularly" does not mean "frequently": To keep the fibers of your ADO fabrics elastic and to prevent yellowing, it is sufficient to wash your curtains once to three times a year. The frequency depends, among other things, on the fabrics’ exposure to dust and dirt. So if you live in a smoker or pet household, or right next to a busy street, you may need to have a wash day more per year. 


3. Allergic People Breathe a Sigh of Relief

For allergy sufferers, every textile care session is a noticeable benefit. Regular washing removes pathogens such as pollen or mites, which would otherwise permanently irritate the organism. Nothing remains but the elegant upholstery fabric and airy lightness. Instead, our Blackout Fabrics do the opposite: These convince with their heavy quality.


Tip for all those who are keen on hygiene: Discover the beautiful Antiviral ADO Fabrics. Their inwoven silver ions effectively control disruptive microorganisms such as bacteria, mold or fungi.

How to Properly Care for Curtain and Upholstery Fabrics

With ADO products you have chosen high-quality textiles. But that doesn't mean they are delicate to care for. On the contrary, the fabrics are robust so that they can withstand many cleanings. They continue to shine colorfully and to retain their beautiful texture. Most ADO fabrics are machine washable at 30 °C. Even better: All valuable product properties are maintained or even enhanced by gentle cleaning.


In our vast Product Portfolio, you will find all features for each ADO product at a glance. Just click on the ADO fabric you like and you find any information you need. You can also filter in advance by properties such as application, material or color. 

Synthetic or Natural Fabric?

Synthetic Materials and Microplastics 

To ensure that as little microplastic as possible gets into the water when washing synthetic textiles, it is advisable to select a rather short wash cycle at low speed. In addition, you can reduce fiber damage by using a special wash bag that retains dissolved plastic fibers.


Fabrics with Natural Fibers

Natural fibers have a inherent shrinkage that you should take into account. Therefore,  ADO fabrics made of natural fibers  should be washed before processing. It would be a pity if they shrink and no longer fit after cleaning.  

Feeling Good Is so Easy: Care Instructions for all Fabrics

Curtains or upholstery fabrics? Doesn't matter! Here you will find valuable care tips and step-by-step instructions for your ADO fabrics. 


We Answer Your Questions

If you have any questions about the wide variety of ADO fabrics, our Retailer will be happy to help you. You can experience the most beautiful fabrics and current collections up close in the store. Or you can simply contact our central office in Germany. 


These care instructions are intended as a guide and do not constitute a guarantee. Incorrect or improper cleaning will void any warranty claims.


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