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Fabric and curtain rails

For our ADO fabrics we can highly recommend the artline range, which represents the highest quality and first-class designs. artline is available exclusively from Zimmer + Rohde.

A wide range of curtain rails in a variety of designs create a perfect symbiosis between the fabric and hardware. They are available in a variety of materials, colors and sizes, can be fitted with end caps to suit individual tastes and are even easier to operate using motor technology.


CHEVRON 3472 / 995
ARTLINE – CORD SET / Ø 28 mm / 40 x 15 mm / white

Our favorite: artline QUATTRO

QUATTRO’s most important feature is its cross-section, which impresses with purist design, while concealing functional elements, leaving the stage empty for the curtains or drapes to really shine. The timeless and multiple award-winning design is available in three models MEZZO, SOLO and MINI and in different surface finishes.


Invisible technology

QUATTRO has the appearance of a perfect, minimalist curtain rail, while concealing its function, which makes QUATTRO so unique. The recessed curtain track, including the glider, is not visible due to its positioning at the back. What remains is a continuously closed visible surface with an almost silently gliding curtain. QUATTRO can be easily mounted on the ceiling or wall.


Variable colors and materials available

A wide range of high-quality materials create perfect harmony between technology and fabrics. SOLO 38 x 12 mm and MEZZO 30 x 12 mm are available in titanium, chrome gloss, aluminum matt, black matt and white finishes; MINI 23 x 12 mm is available in aluminum matt and white. All artline curtain rails are developed and manufactured exclusively in Germany.


Variable decor

The geometry of the QUATTRO curtain rail series in combination with high-quality materials from German stamping plants creates scope for enormous flexibility. QUATTRO curtain rails are extremely versatile and open new vistas when it comes to window treatments and wall panels.



Design statements

In order to come up with genuine innovations, you have to leave the beaten track. artline has taken a pioneering new path in the field of curtain technology and presents innovative technology paired with a clear design vocabulary. artline curtain rails form a beautiful symbiosis with the fabric.



Made in Germany

Curtain rails from artline

Float demonstrates maximum lightness with a strong presence. The design is all about reduction, allowing the material to step into the limelight. Its uniquely reduced form provides minimalist aesthetics while delivering a maximum in functional performance. The clear lines and precisely ground edges emphasize the filigree effect. Like a sail, the rail floats under the ceiling or on the wall, while maintaining an elegant and firm grip on the fabric.

Its minimalist look suits contemporary rooms with large window areas. The V-shaped geometry of the IF Award-winning curtain rail, provides high stability while looking distinctive and attractive. The barely visible supports only serve to emphasize the expressive, smart design. Wings is available as a single or double-track rail.

Lens’ concave shape impresses with its slender elliptical cross-section: elegant and clean-cut design. The rounded front edge creates a soft transition between the room and curtain rail, while the decorative width creates a generous border for deep, voluptuous undulations of contemporary fabrics. Floating, stylish and unmistakable, the rail also boasts the ability to switch from single to double track.

The Cono and Dolce wall and ceiling supports transform a plain rectangular rail into a decorative gem. A sophisticated design element with a clear focus on the details, the two options are available in 6 high-quality surface finishes.

This rectangular rail is a clear yet understated presence in the room. In seven high-quality finishes, it provides the perfect counterbalance for opulent textiles in particular – visually as well.

Rectangular rails are exceedingly timeless and always an excellent solution. Mounted on the wall or ceiling, they take a back seat, leaving the fabric to enjoy the limelight. All five surface finishes integrate effortlessly into their surroundings, each available in three different cross-section thicknesses.

The versatile fascia trim covers the entire top edge of any window treatment. The flat surface in four elegant finishes provides an uncluttered and tidy finish for the eye. Modern, clean-cut and minimalist.

The motorized system is a winner before it’s even switched on, due to the easy installation. It is perfect for large window areas and easy handling and convenient operation via remote control, smartphone or tablet makes this a firm favorite every time.

Fast, practical and simple: this sums up all the properties of this manual pull cord. Without electricity or great effort, curtains can be quickly opened from the side and closed again. The pull-cord system is available in combination with rectangular and tubular curtain rails, each in three attractive surface textures.

One of the most popular curtain systems, with a circular 20 mm cross-section, is the combination of a track system and tubular rod set with decorative rings. Paired with lightweight curtains, they have a delicate filigree look. As one of two exclusive end caps, Shape gives this classic an additional design upgrade.

Four distinctive finishes emphasize the fine lines of the stainless steel or aluminum rod system. Two end caps seal off the closures, with delicate notching in the case of NEX, that forms a + symbol. Versatile wall and ceiling fixtures ensure perfect support for the graceful 20 mm curtain rail.

For voluminous decorative fabrics, a stronger rod diameter is recommended: 24 mm sets ensure a perfectly coherent appearance, optionally as a track system or tubular rail with rings. The four surface finishes suit the most diverse interior styles thanks to a wide range of wall and ceiling supports.

Spacious high-ceilinged rooms also require more volume in terms of textile decoration. The tubular rod system with a diameter of 28 mm meets the visual and functional requirements of this interior set up. Five high-quality surface textures highlight the radiance and presence of sumptuous textiles.

The generous diameter of the curtain rod combined with a dynamic finish is a confident design statement that’s happy to hog the limelight. The tubular rod asserts its decorative effect in two urbane surface textures and with a comprehensive selection of wall and ceiling supports.

Tiebacks, fling rods, gliders – seemingly insignificant, they are the icing on the cake of any window treatment. Both in beauty and function, they are indispensable details and discreetly ensure that everything holds together and looks perfect.

Quality without compromise

This curtain rail with a rectangular cross-section exudes a clear yet understated presence in any room. In seven high-quality finishes, it provides perfect support for opulent textiles in particular – with the right visual counterbalance.


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