The Comfort of Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are valuable elements of interior design. They are full of functionality and help to create a real home feeling. They can reliably darken the room, so that your night's rest is not disturbed by incoming light. 

But the cleverly designed ADO fabrics can do so much more: They also protect you from curious glances from outside, even with lights turned on inside. Along with the sun's rays, dimouts also effectively block out the summer heat, so your rooms always stay pleasantly cool. Of course, this also works the other way around: Blackout curtains also keep the cozy heating warmth inside. 

Tip: If you're looking for even more strong insulation properties, you've come to the right place with ADO Thermal Fabrics. By the way, ADO offers you a whole range of strong Product Features. Discover them all!

Blackout or Dimout?

ADO has two types of blackout curtains:

The Blackout is a lightproof coated fabric with a 100 % darkening level. The Dimout, on the other hand, is a particularly tightly woven curtain fabric with a very high darkening degree. The color of the fabric also has an influence on the light situation: The darker a fabric, the higher its degree of blackout. 


Lumiere Dimout 1359 / 372 + 733
Lumiere Dimout 1359 / 372 + 733

All Advantages at a Glance

  • Restful night's sleep due to reliable blackout
  • Visual protection, even whith lights switched on
  • Very good sun protection
  • Additional protection against cold and heat

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