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The range is wide: custom-fit curtains for the living room, fabric by the metre for the playroom, opaque curtains for the bedroom. We have the answers to your questions, such as “what should I choose,” “which one should I purchase,” “how can I handle them,” “how do I hang them up” and cleaning tips.


You can view all of the currently available ADO products and find more information on how they can be used in our product finder at any time. Our Shop finder displays the ADO retailers near you. You can visit these retailers to take a look at the fabrics in person, seek advice and place an order. Simply enter your postcode into the Shop finder, and you will be given the option to display all retailers within a radius of 10 km, 30 km or 100 km.

To bring out the beauty and lightness of ADO fabrics, it is important to adapt the fabric length to the respective window. This will influence not only how the fabric looks but also how well the fabric functions in line with its purpose. For example, blackout fabrics should be floor length. If you want to wash the fabrics, it is worth thinking about giving the fabric an extra length to account for possible shrinkage after the first wash. The ADO room designer helps you make the first step towards visualising your ideas. ADO retailers near you also offer measuring services to ensure you choose the right length for your fabric.

We have been vouching for our extraordinary product quality for a long time by offering a five year guarantee. All fabrics undergo strict washing and manufacturing tests, followed by a quality control test in order to guarantee high quality standards. Our guarantee is on all textile products for all guaranteed functionalities and care properties, for all uses in the private sphere. You can find further details about the guarantee under our T&Cs.

Whether or not you live in Germany, you can request additional information about the current ADO products through our global retail network. Simply use our shop finder or the general Contact form on the ADO website. We look forward to your questions!

There are no limits to the ways in which you can use ADO fabrics. Whether you are interested in a panel curtain, decorative curtain, Roman blind, corded Roman blind, wall covering or even upholstery, you can find sample images and more information on what you are looking for on the ADO website. Browse through the many different Lifestyles and be inspired. The ADO room designer helps you visualise your ideas and get a feel for how the chosen fabrics will look in your room.

We are committed to providing you with high-quality textiles that you can enjoy using for many years to come. This is why, even at the production phase, we work to ensure that almost all of our products are washable and low-maintenance. We recommend that our products are gently cleaned every three to six months. This is because dirt becomes engrained between the fibres over time, making the curtains look grey. The Care tips on the ADO website will give you a step-by-step guide on how to gently clean your curtains.

One of the things that make ADO fabrics special is that they are very easy to clean. The fabrics need to be used and cleaned correctly in order to maintain the beauty of the fabrics over the long term. The respective care instructions that provide important, detailed information are sewn into each of our finished products. You can also seek advice from your ADO retailer.

ADO fabrics are shipped to the ADO retailer once an order is placed. The delivery time very much depends on the availability of the item, the order processing as well as the shipping time. If we receive the order on a business day from Monday to Friday and the ordered product is in stock, the goods leave our warehouse within 24 hours and are shipped to your ADO retailer for further processing (for example, for use as a blind or drapery). The overall delivery time depends on the time required for the processing. You can ask your ADO retailer for a more precise estimation.

You can take a look at our fabrics in person and also order fabric patterns at one of our ADO retailers near you. Simply use the Shop finder to view all retailers near you. You have the option to display the retailers within a radius of 10 km, 30 km or 100 km around you.

Although we make our best efforts to display the online ADO product images as realistically and accurately as possible, the colours of the images may not accurately represent the true colours of the fabrics, depending on the media device you use. At the same time, deciding to purchase one of our products will always be an emotional one. The ADO product finder and the ADO room designer can help you get an initial visual impression of the effects you can achieve with the respective fabric. Furthermore, we recommend that you seek advice from an ADO retailer near you in order to take a look at and get a feel for the fabrics in person.

Repeat refers to the spacing after which a fabric pattern repeats itself. This spacing is specified in centimetres and is generally marked on the selvedge of the fabric. You should take into account the repeat when determining the fabric length you want, so that the finished drapery looks like it is made from one piece of material.

ADO Goldkante presents an extensive collection of thermo fabrics for which it uses polyester fibres that are highly resistant and easy to clean. The unique fibre structure and high pile density protect against draughts, prevent heat loss and minimise sound reflection. This improves the acoustics of the room. Various institutes certify both insulation properties. ADO thermo fabrics are perfectly suitable to use, for example, as room dividers and as a way of stopping draughts at entrance areas.

If you want to make your room darker, you can either make it completely dark or just a shade darker. To make the room completely dark, you can use blackout fabric, which does not let any sunlight through. An additional coating is usually added to the reverse side of the fabric. In contrast, dimout fabrics allow a certain amount of sunlight to pass through, in line with your choosing. Dimout fabrics do not require an additional coating on the reverse side; instead, the fabric itself, which is produced using an elaborate weaving process, determines the degree of darkness. Your ADO retailers are happy to advise you on how to achieve the effects you want and will help you select the right fabric.

The weight tape makes the drape particularly smooth, consistent and elegant. It is filled with little balls that serve as weights. This weight tape is incorporated into the lower hem of transparent and decorative fabrics, and as a result, the processing of the lower finish can be omitted. The weight tape also features an interlaced golden thread, which has become the trademark for ADO products. We use weight tapes in such a way that fulfils the minimum requirements set by the most recent EU guidelines. Our weight tapes are absolutely safe for those who process them as well as for consumers.

Goldkante (golden thread) has been the ADO Goldkante trademark for over 50 years. The brand name refers to the interlaced golden thread on the weight tape that is still incorporated into the lower seam of transparent and decorative fabrics today. The Goldkante has become the symbol for the easy-to-clean, stylish and modern drapery fabrics that are developed and produced by ADO Goldkante.

Different applications call for different product properties. Upholstery needs to be made of durable textiles that have an abrasion-resistant surface in order to support the longevity of furniture. Upholstery fabrics need to be designed and produced specially for this purpose. Special testing methods categorise upholstery fabrics by their abilities to resist wear and tear (Martindale units). Most of the ADO drapery fabrics we present are not suitable for use in upholstery, since they are not produced for this particular purpose. If one of our decorative fabrics is also suitable for use as upholstery fabric, it is explicitly labelled as such with a symbol for upholstery fabric.

Some fabrics are narrow; some are wide. The fabric width is determined by the width of the weaving loom that is used to produce the fabric. Fabric with a width of over 280 cm is referred to as ‘room-height fabric’. Room-height fabrics are produced by folding and hanging up the fabric crosswise. This method of processing makes it possible to avoid putting together several strips using unsightly seams, and the fabric can be custom cut and processed seamlessly. ADO specialises in room-height fabrics, and at least 95% of our fabrics have a fabric width of 280 cm or greater. This means that you receive twice as much fabric for your money, and the fabric is also easier to sew.

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