CoverTex – wall covering

Walls with wow factor

With the ADO CoverTex™ wall covering system, your walls can be decorated and embellished with a whole range of fabrics. Whether covering an entire surface as an alternative to wallpaper or as a decorative accent for individual walls they are an unusual and colorful alternative. Discover new creative potential without any building work! 


CARDAMOM 1432 / 483 + 937 + 684 + 563 + 666
COZY 1079

ADO CoverTex: Wall covering with added value

A great side effect of the wall covering system: its potential as an energy saver. The molleton layer between wall and fabric serves as an additional insulation and stops warmth being released through the wall.  A wall covered in textiles also has improved acoustics and reduces noise. ADO CoverTex™ is easy to install and as a universal wall covering system it is a useful option for quick and clean complete renovation or partial renovation.


ADO CoverTex™ offers a wide range of design options that you can explore together with our retail partners. They take measurements, plan the installation and help you find the right kind of fabric.

VASCO 1222 / 695
KIANA 1225 / 585

Benefits at a glance:

  • Insulates to keep in warmth, saves energy
  • Quick installation, easy decor
  • Additional improvement of acoustics
  • Cozy atmosphere
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