Acoustic fabrics

Harmonious room acoustics

Sound acts much like light: when it hits a surface, some of its energy is absorbed and some is reflected back into the room. Of course, a certain level of ambient noise can add to a homey atmosphere, but when it becomes excessive, it can quickly have a negative impact, creating stress and concentration issues.

Many studies show that excessive noise is one of the biggest disruptors at the workplace in terms of productivity and our sense of well-being. Noise can have such a decisive influence on whether we find a room pleasant that acoustics are becoming increasingly important when designing an interior.
The use of acoustic fabrics can counter negative effects, saving the need for expensive refurbishments.

SHELL 2609

Acoustic miracle

ADO acoustic fabrics regulate echoes and sounds by absorbing reverberation, functioning like a “sound sponge” in the rooms. They reduce the unwanted reverberation of individual sounds, which reduces general noise levels and positively affects the acoustics. The sound is no longer reflected back into the room, but is transformed into sound wave energy in the fabric, which is then converted into thermal energy.


SHELL 2609
CANNY 1120

Benefits at a glance:

  • Increased wellbeing, increased harmony
  • Functionality and aesthetics in one
  • Ideal for work spaces and the home
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