Our passion

We have invested our passion and creativity into the development of our products, to create textiles that move you. In addition, quality, easy care and a wide variety of designs are also important priorities to ensure you will enjoy our products for many years to come. For over 60 years we have been supplying textiles for the most diverse range of interiors: apartments, houses, hotels and yachts and we plan to continue doing so for the next 60 years!

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EASY 1547 / 894
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Inside ADO

Facts and figures

An item of fabric leaves our warehouse every 120 seconds.

4,500 materials are available from our warehouse at all times.

We sell ADO fabrics in 30 countries.

14 pairs of hands have worked on the manufacture of one curtain.

5,000 meters of “Goldkante” gold trim are woven daily.

86% of Germans know the ADO Goldkante brand.

ADO textiles are available from more than 6,000 retail partners.

Our ADO quality promise

  • 5-year guarantee on all our products
  • Highest production standards ensured by strict quality controls
  • Rigorous testing of materials and their washing and ironing properties
  • Over 60 years of textile experience

The Goldkante gold trim

The ADO Goldkante gold trim has been the signature touch of our product palette for almost 50 years. This gilded thread is our trademark!

You’ll find the gold trim in the lower seam of our curtain materials. A golden thread is wrapped around a weighted tape, ensuring that the fabrics hang smoothly and evenly at your window. The gold trim also adds weight – to be exact, one meter of gold trim weighs 30g. But if you think ADO Goldkante means heavy curtains, you’d be wrong. On the contrary: our textiles stand for a fresh and natural look full of lightness and harmony.

ADO – a success story

Established by the Wulf family in 1954 and named after the town of Aschendorf where it was founded, ADO set standards as a German brand right from the start, developing innovations for the interior textile market and creating a rich tradition. Since 1968 the Goldkante gold trim has become the brand signature and a mark of quality that is well known and respected to this day.

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ADO today

Since 2013 ADO Goldkante has been part of the enterprise group belonging to the international textile company ZIMMER + ROHDE. They have been shaped by tradition and experience for over 100 years, creating and marketing high-quality innovative fabrics for interiors. With their headquarters in Oberursel, Frankfurt and subsidiaries in England, France, Italy, Poland, Middle East, Asia and USA, Zimmer + Rohde is a global quality brand.

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