CoverTex wall covering system

Walls to make you feel at home

With the ADO CoverTexTM wall covering system, you can embellish and decorate your walls with a wide range of fabrics. Whether you use it as a full-surface alternative to wallpaper or to accentuate individual walls, it improves the acoustics of your room and provides heat insulation.

Insulates heat, saves energy


A wonderful side effect of wall covering is its energy saving potential. The molleton layer located between the covering and the wall provides additional insulation and prevents heat from escaping through the wall.

Absorbs sound, improves acoustics


ADO CoverTexTM is an acoustic solution both in private and professional spheres. It reduces the unpleasant noise of footsteps on parquet, laminate, tiles and smooth floor surfaces and thereby significantly improves room acoustics.

Low-maintenance fabrics with durable qualities


Many of our fabrics are are low-maintenance, colour- and light-fast, robust and durable. Use high-quality ADO products for your walls and take advantage of another textile room design possibility.

On trend: wall design

Wallpaper is yesterday’s news. Just clothe your walls with beautiful fabric designs instead! It saves on heating costs, it’s very easy to install – and it just so happens to look fantastic! It’s also great for room dividers or bed headboards.

Lutz Neubert / Head of Design -

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