String curtains: ADO Cordon

A true original – string for string.

Much imitated, but second to none: the ADO Cordon® string curtain. When it comes to the quality of this design classic, the original still holds all the strings, and has maintained its standing as a popular interior design element in clubs, bars and hotels since 1973. The curtain's trademark is its machine warp knitted threads, which hang down vertically as individual strings. ADO Cordon® has won numerous design awards and, with its focus on simplicity and functionality, aligns itself with theguiding principles of the Bauhaus era. Perfect as a room divider for open-planoffices, trade fairs and stores, or a modern light sculpture. The original room dividerfor at home and the ideal decorative element for windows and doors. Now, the ADO Cordon® is being relaunched in new colour palette, and with 12 gorgeous new hues, it's got audiences spellbound all over again.

A string at the top of its form.


The strings of the ADO Cordon® curtain are strong and retain their shape, meaning that they can simply be cut to the desired length. The cut edge stays flat and flexible without fraying at the ends. This is thanks to the high-quality Ondé ply string, which gives the ADO Cordon® its extreme longitudinal stability. The weight of the strings and their permanent anti-static finish ensure that they maintain their vertical form without twisting or curling. The strings do not tangle, either from the wind or when people walk through the curtain. The specialised weaving technique ensures that the strings always untangle automatically. This makes the ADO Cordon® a true original for reliable – and unparalleled – quality.


One original, countless versions.

Available both by the metre and custom cut to size, ADO Cordon® leaves no wish unfulfilled. And we would be happy to fulfil any additional requests, should they arise.

We set a high bar for these long strings.


Overview of product advantages:


_ Strings retain their shape under extreme conditions

_ Particularly light-fast and highly flame retardant

_ Offers flexible ordering in multiple heights

_ Easy to handle: can simply be cut to the desired length

_ Available in extra-long heights of up to 800 cm upon request

_ Universally applicable in both private residences and public spaces

_ Available in 12 contemporary colours

_ With five-year ADO guarantee



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Impressions of public interiors

Project: Sticky Fingers Regensburg

Builder: Anton Schmaus

Concept & interior: klein-laut GmbH

& Ulrike Buhl Raumausstatter

string curtains, cushions:

Dopsaj Interieur Regensburg

photo: Berli Berlinski


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