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Fabrics are one of the main components in the world of interior design. Either in form of curtains, furniture or accessories, fabrics have the quality to add coziness and comfort to a room. But rarely you can find them at the wall. Why actually not? With the ADO CoverTexTM wall covering system, you can embellish and decorate your walls with a wide range of fabrics. The system is quick to assemble and only has to be put together once, and you can change the fabric as often as you wish either depending on current trends or just because you are in the mood for a new way to express yourself.


Whether as a full-surface alternative to wallpaper or to accentuate individual walls, fabrics provide hustle free ways to redecorate your home. Not to forget the brilliant side effects the wall covering system brings with it such as better room acoustics and heat insulation.


Discover ADO CoverTexTM now and enjoy new design freedom without having to perform major construction!

Easy to install, simple to decorate


The ADO CoverTexTM wall covering system is suitable for a wide range of applications and has many benefits. One advantage is the simple installation process. It is possible to secure the innovative system in a matter of seconds without a lot of effort. The supporting rails are attached to the wall and the fabric selected is fixed to the rails using a special spatula. This way, you can totally or partially renovate your space quickly, simply and cleanly.


Thanks to the robust, flexible rails, you can even use curves as wall coverings. The adaptability of the system means that it can be used in countless different ways, including, for example, as a wall covering on the rear side of a wardrobe, shelf unit or headboard.

In short ... little effort, big impact!


Insulates heat, saves energy

A wonderful side effect of wall covering is its energy saving potential. The molleton layer located between the covering and the wall provides additional insulation and prevents heat from escaping through the wall.


Absorbs sound, improves acoustics

ADO CoverTexTM is an acoustic solution both in private and professional spheres. It reduces the unpleasant noise of footsteps on parquet, laminate, tiles and smooth floor surfaces and thereby significantly improves room acoustics.


Low-maintenance fabrics with durable qualities

Many of our fabrics are are low-maintenance, colour- and light-fast, robust and durable. Use high-quality ADO products for your walls and take advantage of another textile room design possibility.

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