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The flowers are blossoming in the garden, the birds are twittering in the trees, the days are getting longer and the smell of freshly baked bread is wafting through your home. It can only mean one thing: spring is in the air and Easter is on our doorstep. Interior design enthusiasts and lovers of arts and crafts are sure to be delighted, because Eastertime means it's time to decorate!


This year we've prepared a DIY guide - including a free cutting pattern - for cheerful Easter bunnies made from fabric. Whether you choose to put them by the door, on the sofa or in the hallway, these colourful bunnies will brighten up your day and put you in the mood for Easter. These homemade cuddly toys are also the perfect DIY Easter present for a niece or nephew or a friend's child.



What you'll need:


- Cutting pattern (click HERE to download)

- Fabric (approx. two 60 x 30 cm pieces of fabric per bunny)

- Fabric scissors

- Sewing machine

- Pins - Pen or fabric chalk

- Fibrefill (which you can find HERE)

- A wooden spoon or painting brush with a long handle

- A sewing needle



Step 1:

Fold the material in two, placing the outer sides of the fabric on the inside. After you have cut out the cutting pattern, tack it to the fabric using pins. Now draw 1 cm around the seam allowances.


Step 2:

Now cut the doubled fabric along the seam allowance so that you have two cut-out bunnies.


Step 3:

Tack the bunnies together using pins. Please note: The outer sides of the fabric must lie on the inside.


Step 4:

Now stitch around the fabric. Leave an opening of approx. 10 cm at the bottom so that you can fill the bunny with fibrefill later on when you have turned it inside out.


Step 5:

Now cut both pieces of fabric in short, careful cuts around all curves and difficult edges. This will ensure that the seam allowance looks nicer along the sewn shape after you have turned it inside out.


Step 6:

Now turn the bunny inside out. A wooden spoon can be helpful when turning the tiny ears inside out.


Step 7:

Now fill your bunny with fibrefill. A wooden spoon may come in handy when filling the ears.


Step 8:

You can either sew the opening shut by hand with a sewing needle or a sewing machine.


Our tip for you:

If you simply want to use the bunny as a decoration, we recommend sewing a small sack of sand or a larger stone into it to stabilise it.



We're excited to see what kind of fabric bunnies you've made!

Feel free to tag us in your pictures on Facebook and Instagram!


You can download the PDF Tutorial HERE



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