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It feels great to see completed drapery or new chair upholstery made from our fabric. Our textiles complete a long journey before they reach your home. Meanwhile, countless pairs of hands and creative minds work to ensure that we release two new collections each year. With all of that in mind, we'd like to introduce a few of our employees and show you which departments make up a textile manufacturing company such as our own, and how people work within them.


'Not too little, but not too much' - that's the motto that our Purchasing Department works by as they tackle thousands of meters of fabric each day. The warehouse has to be kept full to the brim with material to be able to supply our customers as quickly as possible. However, they don't want to be seen as mere shelf stackers. Their role requires experience, clear communication with the Sales and Creation departments, and a good intuition for what the market wants. Isabel Neukam gives us an insight into the 'sewing box' of the company. We hope you enjoy getting to know her.

Here's what her colleagues have to say about her...


She loves to discover new things and is always on the lookout for the latest trends - not least when it comes to fashion. Her positive approach and enthusiasm are infectious. She always has time for her team, even during times of turbulence.

Read our interview to find out more about Isabel Neukam.

Ms Neukam, please tell us...


ADO: Why is 'ATACAMA' your favourite fabric?

Isabel Neukam: It's lovely and pleasant to touch, its embossed pattern makes it stand out from other fabrics, and I think its colours are gorgeous.


ADO: Describe your typical day in the Purchasing Department.

Isabel Neukam: Working with a fun team, e-mails, hustle and bustle, something new every day, communicating with the other departments, talking to suppliers and phoning up the boss.


ADO: You've been working in ADO Purchasing for almost four years. What is your greatest challenge at the company?

Isabel Neukam: Our greatest challenge is having the right quantity of material available at the right time.


ADO: Do you have any weird habits that drive your colleagues mad?

Isabel Neukam: Do I have weird habits? Well, none of them have been driven mad yet! I must say, though, that sticking to our deadlines is a daily source of pressure.

ADO: What are your main tasks in Purchasing?

Isabell Neukam: My exciting tasks include leading my team, brainstorming and managing new measures, and acting as a link between the employees in Purchasing and employees who are responsible for production.


ADO: If you weren't head of Purchasing, which department would you like to dabble in?

Isabell Neukam: I'd love to have a go at working in the Creation department, because fabrics are my raison d'ĂȘtre!


ADO: What's the most important tool you use at work?

Isabell Neukam: My computer. And my phone is indispensable, of course.



ADO: What is the best souvenir you've ever picked up on your travels?

Isabell Neukam: There are so many! Every trip allows you to grow with new experiences, and I think that's the best souvenir you could ever wish for. But I did once bring an entire living room home from South Africa!


ADO: Thank you so much Isabel Neukam for the lovely interview.

And now the journey continues... the next 'Talking shop' interview, we'll introduce you to Norman Schwarz. He works with large numbers on a daily basis and has a full view of the accounting department.

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