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In our straw hat DIY project, we'll show you how to turn your sun hat into a unique, colourful accessory.


What you'll need:

- A straw sun hat with a broad brim

- Colourful raffia yarn

- A large sewing needle

- Colourful strips of fabric (each 120 cm long)

- A pencil

Step 1:

Draw your desired lettering or design on the brim of the hat. If you would like to use our design, you can print it out and use it as a template. Now, using small stitches, start embroidering your design over the pencil marks.


Step 2:

Securely knot or stitch the ends of the yarn to the underside of the brim. Do this every time you start and finish using a new colour of yarn.


Step 3:

When you have finished your embroidered design, cut the fabric strips for the braided band. If the fabric frays a little at the sides - don't worry! It's perfect for the hippie look!


Step 4:

Our fabric strips are between 3-5 cm wide. We varied the width a little to create a more interesting result!


Step 5:

Sew the strips of fabric together at one end to make them easier to braid.


Step 6:

Now braid the strips of fabric together. We added a satin ribbon to our braid - but there are no limits on your creativity when it comes to materials! If you need inspiration for your ribbons, take a look in our fabric catalogue.


Step 7:

When your braid is long enough for you to lay it around the hat, use a few stitches to sew the ends of the braid together so that the raw edges face inwards and aren't visible.


Step 8:

You can now lay your braided band around the hat. Depending on how secure it is, you may want to attach it to the hat with a couple of stitches.

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