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There is (almost) nothing more relaxing during the warmer months than lying outside enjoying the sun. We’ve put together some simple DIY instructions so you can get really comfortable.


What you’ll need:

- Fabric (about 200cm x 130cm)

- A rectangle of batting of the right size (about 200cm x 65cm). Our batting is about 30mm thick.

- Stuffing material for the pillow

- 2m of satin ribbon (about 4cm wide)

- You’ll need this sewing equipment: Sewing machine, thread, fabric shears, measuring tape, pins

Step 1:

Cut the fabric and the batting to the right size. Our picnic blanket is 200cm x 65cm; we’ve added a 1cm seam allowance all the way around. To make your picnic blanket the same size, you will need two 202cm x 67cm pieces of fabric—one for the top and one for the backing. Cut the batting to pad the blanket accordingly - you’ll need one 200cm x 65cm piece. You don’t need any seam allowance here.


Step 2:

Cut the satin ribbon into two pieces of equal length. Now sew one of the satin ribbons onto the piece of fabric you want to use for the backing. On the right side of the fabric, place the end about 48cm from the bottom edge. This will become the foot end of the blanket. Be sure to place the satin ribbon in the middle of the fabric. Use pins to hold the ribbon in place and stitch it to the fabric.


Step 3:

Attach the second piece of satin ribbon to the foot end of the fabric, again centrally on the right side of the fabric, so that the end will be stitched in when you sew the two sides together.


Step 4:

Now place the two pieces of fabric on top of each other with their right sides facing, and stitch all the way around your seam allowance. Leave about 20cm open at the top end so that you can turn the blanket inside-out and add the batting. Be careful not to accidentally sew over the satin ribbons inside.


Step 5:

After you have turned the cover inside-out and put the batting in, quilt the layers together with straight line stitching so that nothing inside will shift or slide around - this can spoil the look of the blanket. The distances between the stitch lines are shown in our drawing.


Step 6:

Now, through the open seam, fill the pillow section with enough stuffing so you can comfortably lay your head on it.


Step 7:

All you need to do now is sew up the open seam at the top end. The best way to do this is by hand using a blind stitch.

Your picnic blanket is finished! 

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