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This interior design trend 2019 is guided by the principles of craftsmanship, sleek design, authentic look and a delicate, earthy quality. Natural products, matt surfaces and muted colours fulfil the longing for an oasis of calm, tranquillity and authenticity. The sleek surfaces, cutting-edge technologies and slick designs that define our modern, fast-moving world has us yearning for coarse textures with real substance. To escape the hustle and bustle of the urban jungle we face every day, we long for tranquillity, a sense of timelessness and an oasis that offers a place for contemplation and the feeling of arriving home and stepping back from the world. We are striving for a sense of calm and attentiveness.

Soft-coloured draperies, matt upholstery fabrics, sleek wooden furniture and a natural wall coating combine to create a sanctuary which offers refuge from the stress of everyday life.


Create your personal oasis of calm in your own home with home accessories in nude, reed green, concrete and sand colours. Natural materials, wood and light fabrics on the windows accentuate the look.


Discover natural coloured fabrics according to this home trend.



From left to right: Picture 1: Mugs from, Picture 2: Side table by Hilla Shamia, Picture 3: Cushion covers by ADO Goldkante (Asset 1210 / 833, Smith 1213 / 993, Cone 1212 / 133), Picture 4: Art print Desenio, Picture 5: Curtains by ADO Goldkante (Nuance 8123 / 885, Effect 1215 / 184) and suede-upholstery fabric von ADO Goldkante (Tender 1557 / 687), Picture 5: Rug by Cox & Cox, Picture 6: Upholstery fabrics by ADO Goldkante (Mojave 1530 / 993, Atacama 1529 / 553 + 991 + 666, Aruba 1537 / 863 + 887 + 662), Bild 7: Teapot by Maisons du monde, Picture 8: Linen bag by LinenPearls

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