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Christmas is right around the corner and the shops downtown are trying to outdo each other with their shiny and glittery Christmas decorations. But what is the situation at your home?


This year we have decided to make our own Christmas decorations. How about making some Christmas baubles? For example, to hang on the Christmas tree, in your entryway, on your front door or as a table decoration. Of course, even better yet, what if your decorations were to match your drapery at home? Our tip for you: the next time you order drapery from your interior designer/decorator, ask for leftover fabric in the same design.

For our project we used the following materials:

– Styrofoam balls

– a craft knife

– your choice of ADO fabrics in the corresponding sizes

– satin ribbons

– a needle

– various decorative materials such as pine boughs

– a hot glue gun, if necessary

For the easy version of the project, you just need to cut the fabric into squares big enough so that you can cover the Styrofoam balls. There should be enough left over to tie off – like little pouches. Before you put the ball into the pouch, cut a string or satin ribbon to use to hang up the bauble. Take a large needle and push it through the Styrofoam ball to the opposite side. Tie a knot in one end of the string/ribbon. You can also use a hot glue gun to affix the string/ribbon to the ball. Cover the Styrofoam ball with the fabric and tie off the top of the pouch. Now you can wrap it with the satin ribbon. Make a bow and if you want, you can add a twig for decoration. It’s that easy!

We selected a tutorial for those of you who’d like a little more challenging Project: GO TO TUTORIAL

There are no limits to your creativity!

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