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What shall we eat today? This is probably one of the day's most important questions, and it is about keeping your stomach happy. With all the time spent at work, on hobbies and on day-to-day household tasks, we often don't have enough time for sophisticated dishes. Oh, and of course they should really be healthy dishes too. We are also subjected to a daily torrent of terminology such as 'low carb', 'detox' and 'Atkins'. So we thought about it and we decided we want something that's simple and tasty. This light salad with scampi is easy to prepare and can be adapted to use seasonal ingredients. This is our Italian-inspired version.




1. Quickly fry the scampi in olive oil until browned

2. Cut the aubergine into small cubes and toast it in a pan (without oil)

3. Dice the cherry tomatoes and olives

4. Cut the parmesan into rough slices

5. Arrange all of the ingredients in a bowl and drizzle with balsamic glaze



Tip: The ‘Cape Herb & Spice’ Mediterranean seasoning ‘RUB’, which contains rosemary, parsley, sage and sea salt, will give the salad a finishing touch. It is also great in pasta sauces, or as an added extra on pizzas.


Enjoy your meal!

Source: Found on capeherb

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