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Primrose Pink, Ballet Slipper and Poudre - what kinds of shades have these lovely, evocative names? They're all pink: A colour that's received a great deal of hype in 2017. Delicate shades of pink transform everyday items such as enamel pots and pans into design pieces that are must-haves for every stylish kitchen. But can you really call pink a trend? This colour never seems to go out of fashion, and we can see it all around us. Pastel pink is incredibly versatile - it combines beautifully with all kinds of other colours.When it comes to household items, this shade looks striking on metal accessories.


Meanwhile, when it comes to fashion, light pink has a certain girly charm that can be counteracted and complemented by dark shades of burgundy or blue. Feminine looks work well with a touch of grunge, such as casual trainers or hooded sweatshirts paired with pink headphones or bracelets. Try it out - after all, when it comes to fashion, anything goes!

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