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This morning on my way to work I was unable to resist and simply had to stop. Wildflowers were shining from the roadside in the most wonderful colours. The palette ranged from yellow and pink to violet and blue and combined to form a casual arrangement. With this cheerful dash of colour in the office and a cappuccino from the cafeteria, the day is off to a much livelier start. And the best part is that it doesn't take any special skills to arrange the flowers, because the bouquet from the meadow is captivating in its unconventionality.

A miniature guide to flowers

At one time or another I've heard all the poetic and Latin names for flowers, but I'm not so sure which name goes with which plant. For those with the same problem, we've looked it up and written it down.

Did you know?

Not only are small wildflowers beautiful, but they're also edible and useful. The carrots in your garden may be related to wild carrots, but because the roots are very thin, you'll have to do quite a lot of chopping to make a filling salad. So it's better for us to stick with their orange relations and leave the field to the bees and butterflies, who right now are going wild for the blossoms.

Vases and flowers - an inseparable partnership

Not only do they put the finishing touch on every bouquet, but they also make an impression even when empty. We've put together a variety of vase trends for you, and we hope you enjoy browsing them for inspiration.

Transparent, yet highly visible

Mystical and mysterious, like a piece of the universe.

Sometimes gently flowing, sometimes sharp-edged, but always textured.

Tip: DIY fabric vase

If you're a sewing enthusiast then our do-it-yourself instruction for fabric vases is just the right project for you.

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