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It sure is cold out there. While you might have looked forward to snow and wintry days in November, by February you are yearning for spring to arrive. With each passing day this feeling grows stronger. To help fight the cold and winter blues, we've prepared a simple pattern for you to help keep you warm on chilly days.


While hot water bottles are practical, they are by no means pleasant to the eye and need a decorative cover to bring out their inner beauty. We've therefore created a cosy cover made of ATACAMA fabric for our hot water bottle to help you make it through the winter months. We really liked the pastel colours for our cover. Have fun making yours!


1. What you'll need:

> a hot water bottle, two pieces of fabric (they should each be roughly 5 cm longer than the hot water bottle)

> a pair of textile scissors, a strip of fabric (approx. 5 x 70 cm) or a ribbon

> matching coloured thread, pins, a piece of paper

> a sewing machine.


2. Start off by creating the pattern for your hot water bottle. To do so, place the hot water bottle on the sheet of paper and trace the outlines of the bottle. To make sure the pattern is symmetrical, fold the sheet of paper over in the middle and then cut out the pattern. Make sure that the opening at the top of the cover is not too narrow, or else the bottle may not fit easily into the cover.


3. Now fasten the pattern to the left side of the fabric and place it on the top edge with an allowance of approx. 5 cm and an allowance of 1.5 cm on all other sides. Make sure that the 5 cm of extra material at the top corner is straight when pulling it up to create a 90° angle at the top. This 5 cm of material is folded in at the end so that the unsightly left side of the fabric at the opening is not visible.


4. Now cut out the pieces of fabric.


5. Next, use an overlock sewing machine or make a zigzag stitch using a standard sewing machine to neaten the edges to prevent fraying.


6. Place the left side of the two pieces of fabric on top of each other and insert several pins to keep them from moving or shifting. Now sew the sides of material together (with the exception of the top part for the opening) with a seam allowance of about 1 cm.


7/8. Once you have done this, you can reverse the cover through the opening at the top.


9/10/11. Turn in the 5 cm excess material on the top edge and make a few stitches through the side seam to fix this in place; the stitches will not be visible afterwards.


12. You can now slide the hot water bottle into the cover.


13/14. Finally, sew on the ribbon for the bow. To do so, fold the strip of fabric once lengthwise and begin to sew along the exposed edges, while leaving about 3 cm of material for reversing. You should round the edges and make several incisions in the overhanging material; this will ensure the fabric at the curved edges will look neat and more elegant. Use a long, thin object like a pen or knitting needle to flip the ribbon over after you are finished sewing. You can sew the opening where you reversed the cover closed either on your sewing machine or by hand with blind stitches.


15. All done! Enjoy the warm comfort of your hot water bottle during these cold days. Make your own hot bottle water cover

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