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Knotting, tying, crocheting, knitting. Braiding threads, wool and rope has always been popular and at the moment, if you browse through interior design blogs, lifestyle magazines and Pinterest, you are very likely to come across macramé. This knotting technique from the East comes in many different variations and it adds a lovely touch to your home. These artfully curved knots can be used to make jewellery, wall hangings, hanging baskets, hammocks or trims.

For many years, ADO has included macramé in its range as a way of giving curtains the perfect finish. We were inspired by the wide range of beautiful knotted creations available, so we somewhat repurposed our trims to create a delicate wall hanging. Want to know how? It’s simple...



1.You will need: 3 x strips of wood (from your DIY store, 35 cm long), 3 x lace trims (different heights), 10 x gold-coloured hooks, 1,20 m gold-coloured metal chain


2. Nail the hooks into the back of the strips of wood. There should be four hooks on the two top strips and only two on the bottom strip.


3. Cut the trims to a length of 32 cm and stick them to the strip of wood using a two-component adhesive.


4. Cut the chain into four 15 cm long pieces and use these to join the three strips of wood.


5. The hanger should be 50 cm long and should also be attached to the top hooks.

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