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Add a splash of colour to your home

Embroidery hoops are for grannies, right? If you think embroidery hoops are relics from the distant past that have zero relevance today, we’d like to convince you otherwise! Although this little hand-stitching tool has clocked up many years of service, it is extremely versatile while being a real eye-catcher. You can cover these hoops with different kinds of fabric or paper, create embroidered dream catchers, hang them on your walls or use them to display our colourful butterflies – we love the diverse range of uses!

Embroidery hoops and frames are available in a range of sizes at most craft shops and from online shops such as Idee. Our instructions will show you just how easy these stylish creations are to make.



Decoration instructions

1. Use the screw to open the embroidery frame. Lay the fabric on top of the smaller of the rings.

3.  Trim the fabric around the wooden ring, leaving just a little fabric.

5.  Now it’s completely up to you – you can use thread to hang the butterflies from the frame, secure them to the fabric, or have them fluttering around your home!

2. Pull the larger ring over the smaller ring and secure it using the screw.

4.  Download and print the template for the butterflies (we recommend using thick paper). Cut out the butterflies.


Download the butterflies

If you don’t want the reverse side of the butterflies to be white, simply turn the printed sheet around and print one of the coloured pages of our PDF onto the reverse side. (Alternatively, you could glue together two printed sheets.)


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