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Fill your home with tropical holiday vibes!

Although the weather is struggling to decide if it’s still summer or if it’s time for Autumn already, that won’t stop us from enjoying the current interior design trend for all things tropical. With prints featuring exotic palms and fruits, we can take that holiday feeling back home with us. All we need to do now is put this summer’s pop anthem on repeat and the temperature will start creeping up.


This tropical trend shows us that the golden pineapple will never go out of fashion. After all, glittery golden accessories provide the perfect contrast to the lavish leaf designs.


The more tones of green you combine, the livelier the space will feel, so you can’t really go wrong! So be brave and be wild! Create your own little tropical holiday oasis by adding a few simple touches.


And if you can’t get enough of this trend, you can follow this link to download a screensaver that will add a splash of colour to your desktop!


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