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Chinese money plant

This ornamental plant, which is native to Asia, is currently making a big comeback. It is a must for any windowsill, dresser or side table. But we're not surprised by its popularity because we think its unusually round leaves are slightly reminiscent of UFOs, making the plant look somewhat mystical. What's more, it is said to bring financial good fortune. Apparently, all you need to do it plant one 'coin' in the earth and you will soon be rich and prosperous. At this point, we could also ask ourselves what true wealth really is in this life. But that's a different topic really, so let's return to the money plant.



This little green plant belongs to the stinging nettle family and whether it brings wealth or not, it's a real looker. Plus, it's extremely easy to look after. But if you'd really rather not have a living plant in your flat, you might be better off following these instructions for making your own money plant.


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Source: Found on theappleofmydiy

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