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Who or what is Hygge?

We investigated this trendy term to find out what it's all about. After all, everyone's talking about it, and we always want to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the world of interior design.


'Hygge' is a Danish term and refers to a certain way of living life - prioritising happiness, cosiness and making good use of all your senses. As such, it's not exactly Earth-shattering. However, it does represent a good way to pursue your inner desire for peace and escape everyday stress.

It kind of boils down to semantics: 'cosy' is out and 'hyggelig' is in. We've put together some info on how to translate that into your home. Countless blogs and magazines (Hygge-magazin) have already addressed this topic and created gorgeous interior design ideas for making your home more 'hyggelig'. This lifestyle isn't just about decoration and interior design, though - nutrition, hobbies, outdoor activities and so on all have parts to play as well. In other words, you can make every part of your life 'hyggelig'.


Having taken a good look at it all, we think the Danes are definitely on to something - we really love the 'hyggelig' lifestyle!

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