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Talking shop with Helen

It feels great to see completed drapery or new chair upholstery made from our fabric. Our textiles complete a long journey before they reach your home. Meanwhile, countless pairs of hands and creative minds work to ensure that we release two new collections each year. With all of that in mind, we’d like to introduce a few of our employees and show you which departments make up a textile manufacturing company such as our own, and how people work within them.


We’re starting off with Helen from Marketing.

We hope you enjoy getting to know her.

Here’s what her colleagues have to say about her...


She’s always in a good mood and full of energy, with thousands of ideas and the stamina to see them through. She can easily wolf down an entire burger during lunch, but she’ll only ride a roller coaster on an empty stomach.


Read our interview to find out more about Helen.

Hi, Helen!


ADO: Why is ‘Ary’ your favourite fabric?



Ary speaks to me with its three-dimensional look and striking line pattern. My home has a modern, sleek interior design, and this fabric would be really eye-catching at my windows.


ADO: Describe your typical day at ADO.



I’m an early bird :) In the mornings, it’s important for me to coordinate projects with my colleagues over a cup of tea. I plan my day based on that. I might work on brainstorming for new ad campaigns, design a brochure with the latest images of our collection or update our website. Throughout the day, I call our sales representatives and ensure that we’ve provided our retailers with the latest advertising materials.


ADO: You’ve been working in ADO Marketing for two years. What’s the most exciting project you’ve worked on?



The work we do is always interesting and never gets boring, since we launch a new collection twice a year. The most exciting things for me so far have been our site relaunch and venturing into the world of social media.


ADO: Do you have any weird habits that drive your colleagues mad?



We work in an open-plan office, and I occasionally talk to myself and read my e-mails out loud. That might annoy people who think I’m saying something to them. Sorry about that! You should ask my colleagues to check how much that bothers them.

ADO: What are your main tasks in Marketing?



Creating various different types of advertising materials that we can give to our sales representatives and customers so that they in turn can present our fabrics to end customers and sell them well. My work is quite varied. Creating ads, brochures, seasonal product campaigns, display windows and, of course, online advertising all call for a great deal of creativity.


ADO: If you didn’t work in Marketing, which ADO department would you like to be a part of?



I love working in this department. The only thing that could potentially lure me out of it would be getting to have direct contact with end customers in a brick-and-mortar store; I’d love to be a fly on the wall for that.


ADO: What’s the most important tool you use at work?



My calendar or, to put it in more official terms, my project overview plan, since I typically need to coordinate several projects simultaneously, across departments. My second-most-important tool is my pen. Everyone in the department has their own pen, and holds on to it tightly – if they lose it, it’s an emergency.


ADO: Where do you draw inspiration for all the marketing projects you carry out?



I draw inspiration from my everyday life. I keep my eyes peeled throughout the day and take note of what I see. I observe various things from different points of view and imagine how and what impact they could have on someone, and how I could put these images and the responses they evoke towards my daily work.


ADO: Thank you so much Helen for the lovely interview.

And now the journey continues...


... in the next ‘Talking shop’ interview, we’ll introduce you to Marlene, who works as a textile designer in our Design department. Get ready for a colourful conversation!

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