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Speedy bunting

Do you have a box full of crafty, gift-related things? A box that contains all kinds of useful things like gift wrap, ribbons, greetings cards and bright paper? If you've also saved some lovely patterned fabric, dig it out now because we're about to explain how to make fabric bunting! If you don't enjoy the hassle of setting up your sewing machine, you are in the right place. That's because our bunting doesn't require any sewing and it doesn't need much preparation. How come? You use pinking shears and self-adhesive lace instead! The great thing about bunting is that it can look great anywhere because you can use any fabric to make it. It can be a transparent wind sculpture or a vibrant garland for a child's bedroom. Whichever fabric you use, it always looks great. And now it's time to get started. Have fun making your bunting!

1. You'll need some nice fabric. Choose something you like or that works with your interior decor - whether that's multi-coloured, plain-coloured or patterned. You also need a pair of pinking shears, satin ribbon and self-adhesive lace.

3. Lay the satin ribbon on the front side of the triangle. Fold the top edge of the triangle over it and secure with a pin.

2. To ensure that all of your triangles end up the same shape and size, cut yourself a paper template and draw around it onto your pieces of fabric. Cut along the line with pinking shears.

4. Stick the self-adhesive lace onto the triangle so that the folded side and the ribbon are fixed in place. Trim the lace at each end as required.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 with as many triangles as you like!

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