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Ribbons and tabs

Sometimes unconventional is OK. Why shouldn't drapery be hung differently now and then? How about knotted loosely or contrasted with colourful satin ribbons? You can tie the ribbons in any number of ways as the fancy takes you, and they lend your window decorations charm and that certain something. And their height is also adjustable. But if you want something more linear, simply sew the ribbons to the upper hems as tabs. The courage to mix fabrics and use contrasting colours paid impressive returns here! These examples show you how to do more than just hold your curtains; you can make the curtains themselves into an eye-catcher.

Be bold with Color! Satin ribbons sewn to the curtains provide the desired touch of colour and interpret the drapery in a way that's both modern and elegant.

It doesn't always have to be neat. Loose knots and dangling ribbons make lightweight, transparent drapery even more buoyant and romantic. This rapid tying technique looks wonderful when used to decorate a canopy bed.

You can be creative when it comes to knot techniques, too. In this example, an attractive tab lends the knot a refined look. This works best when the drapery is attached as close as possible to the rod.

Cushion covers can also be tabbed with ribbons as an attractive addition. It's easy and looks great.

TIP: Ribbons as a versatile accessory

This blog also shows how versatile ribbons are. Not only are they a great accessory in windows or on cushions, but they can also put a refined touch on table decorations. You can find a little inspiration here:


Source: Found on socreativethings

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