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Rattan, wicker and raffia

Wickerwork was ubiquitous in the 1970s, and since that time it’s become a staple in gardens and, increasingly, crept back into living spaces.

Its warm woody nuances bring a touch of nature into your home, integrate quite easily into every interior design concept and lend your rooms a modern outdoor feel. At the same time, it has a cosy, comfortable appeal, especially when it’s combined with pieces made from other natural materials, such as wool carpets or wooden furniture.
Feeling the urge to travel? Combine some wickerwork, rattan and raffia with ethnic prints and lots of green – you’ll feel like you’re on holiday! If you prefer Scandinavian style, pair these materials with light wood, white accessories and minimal furniture.

Another plus: Rattan is one of the most sustainable decorative materials out there, as the palms from which it’s made quickly regrow.

From left to right:
Picture 1: Bamboo mirror via maisondumonde.comPicture 2: curtains by ADO Goldkante (Horizon 4302 / 664) cushions by ADO Goldkante (Linova 1068 / 683), Picture 3: carpet via maisondumonde.comPicture 4: curtains by ADO Goldkante (Aqua 8121 / 683), cushions by ADO Goldkante (Samoa 1512 / 633-843, Lavinia 2565 / 853, Pure 1047 / 482, 1004 / 69, Cascade 3296 / 661), upholstery fabrics by ADO Goldkante (Belcanto 1511 / 883), Picture 5: basket by Mira NaturePicture 6: rattan hanging kamp by Mia VillaPicture 7: slipper by ABURYPicture 8: fabrics by ADO Goldkante (Palm-design: Raffia 1115 / 373, geo-design: Bohemia 1652 / 796, cushion in basket: Montero 1525 / 394, cushion on chair: Sark 1539 / 554, striped cushion: Ravello 1521 / 734), Picture 9: vases by anaanPicture 10: rattan chair via westwingnow.dePicture 11: bag by Zaracurtains by ADO Goldkante (Lauro 8112 / 683, Caio 3141 / 182)



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