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Pressing flowers

Is it possible to keep something beautiful forever? In the case of flowers, the answer is yes: plus, it's easy and fun, too.


Picture it: You've gotten a gorgeous bouquet of flowers as a present. While you're overjoyed to have received this thoughtful little gift, at the same time, you can't help but think about how quickly the flowers will wilt. There's a solution to this problem: press the flowers. We're bringing this practice back into style. You probably pressed flowers as a child, and haven't thought to do so since. You should, though - pressed flowers make for beautiful, even modern-looking decorations.

We decided to press flowers spontaneously, and we didn't have a flower press on hand. Instead, we gathered a bunch of heavy books and stacked them on top of the flowers. And then, we waited... and waited and waited some more. It was worth it in the end, though. We displayed the pressed flowers in a lovely translucent case found on H&M Home. We preserved them in all their glory, and made them into a permanent keepsake, to boot. Give it a try: It's lots of fun, and it's so easy to do - we promise.

Hot tip: We selected fabrics with floral or plant patterns to match the pressed flowers, stretching the fabrics over various picture frames for a lovely decorative touch. How do you like the result?

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