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Mein kleiner grüner Kaktus

...steht draußen am Balkon ..." The Comedian Harmonists' cult hit took Berlin by storm in the Roaring Twenties, and is still enjoyed by kids all over Germany today. Many of us only have to look at a cactus - on our balconies or anywhere else - and before we know it, the chirpy tune is stuck in our heads again. As such, the spiky little plants have been a staple of the German household for many years. But even compared with this long-standing popularity, 2017 has been a boom year for cacti in the world of interior design - and not just in Germany, either. In copper pots next to the succulents on the window sill, as print designs on cushion covers and as patches on T-shirts - it's safe to say that the cactus has taken over where the flamingo and the pineapple left off

And it's no surprise, really. After all, they're cute, low-maintenance and easily satisfied - exactly the qualities we sometimes treasure the most in other people! ;) We are big fans of the humble cactus - which is why we've stitched together our own cuddly little cactus using our new upholstery fabric.


We're delighted with how it turned out and would love to spread the joy, so we've set up a competition for you to win one yourself! What do you need to do? Simply share our photo on Instagram or Facebook. You'll find more info on the pages themselves. Good luck!

If you're looking for something to keep you busy over the holidays, we've got the perfect thing for all you homebound handicraft experts - a stitching pattern to make your own cuddly cactus!

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