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Do you remember how agonizing it was to finally produce ‘beautiful’ handwriting in school? Since it is a well-known fact that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, one could also classify those scrawled letters under the category of ‘chicken scratch’. Do you ever ask yourself when reading your notes what these hieroglyphs actually resemble? Well, one can’t deny that each script has its own character, and that brings us to a very interesting point. Some researchers even believe that handwriting reveals something about the individual and his or her peculiarities. The personality behind the words reveals itself between the lines, so to speak.

After writing on the computer and mobile phone for so many years, the time has come to revive this rusty ability. This trend is called ‘hand lettering’. But what is hand lettering all about?

It is concerned with artfully presenting words or sentences. With embellishments, lines, thick and thin strokes, decorative elements and the use of different writing tools, every single letter is individually designed. These elements create an individual artwork that is shaped by the character of the writer.

Thus, it is once again the individuality and handmade quality that attract people to the typography. When we were researching this topic, we noticed how many bars, cafés and boutiques in the area use handwriting. And it really does give the impression that there’s a person behind the shop and not an anonymous chain. It’s great how marketing works ;)

Is it possible to learn hand lettering without studying art for years? That’s what we wanted to find out, so we tried it out ourselves. We cannot say that it’s easy, but with a little practice and the right materials, it turns out pretty well. For starters, we used brush pens and pencils. We didn’t dare to use brushes and ink yet.


What do you think of the results? If you like them, you are welcome to download, print or send the pictures.

The great thing about hand lettering is that it lends the whole piece a personal note. To make a treat for a special person, you could create a fabric cover for a notebook and include a handwritten dedication or bookmark inside. The material should have a solid structure and not be too elastic. It worked great with our fabrics Shades, Corteza and Pure. With two-sided adhesive film, you can make sure it’s wrinkle-free.

And now that Christmas is coming up, it’s quite easy to make personalized greeting cards. The cards look especially pretty when they have a classy fabric cover, a decorative ribbon and a little greeting charm.


Tutorials and workshops

We have put together some links for you on the topic of hand lettering. There are countless instructions and workshops. Go wild :)

> Website handlettering for beginners

> Creative workbook

> Brush pens

> Tutorial handlettering

> Tutorial handlettering for beginners


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