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Flowers and ribbons

A dash of boho charm and coachella feeling

Decorate your own floral dreamcatcher wall hanging with little effort.
What we used for the DIY dreamcatcher tutorial:


> golden metal hoop

> fresh flowers (with artificial flowers you can create a lasting keepsake for your home)

> colorful satin tapes

> wire and scissors

Step 1:

Arrange the flowers around the hoop like you want to attach them, so you get an idea how it will look at the end. Begin by trimming your floral stems, make sure to leave about 10 cm of stem to attach to the hoop.

Step 2:

Hold your flowers to the hoop and attach them by wrapping the stem and hoop together with the wire. Don’t forget to attach the ends of the stems, too.

Step 3:

Cut the satin tapes into long stripes and tie them to the hoop. You can create various looks by using different colors and widths of satin tapes.

Step 4:

Grab those scissors and give your dreamcatcher a haircut! You can cut at an angle on each side down toward the center (like we did), straight across, or do something rounded that follows the curve of the circle. 

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