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Flame retardant fabrics

Those seeking new decorative fabrics often make their decision based on looks alone. If you choose a flame retardant fabric, though, you will enjoy the added bonus of heightened safety - these kinds of fabrics will prevent flames from spreading up the walls of your home in the event of a fire. The current spring collec-tion includes a whole range of these intelligent fabrics, which look and feel fantastic - and keep you safe.

From cinemas and hotels to nurseries, public and commercial build-ings have long been furnished with flame retardant fabrics as a standard. In private homes, however, we are quick to forget the risks that everyday items such as irons and candles can pose. Luckily, you can also use flame retardant fabrics to easily ensure safety in your own home - and without having to sacrifice style, either. Flame retardant ADO fabrics don't catch light from sparks, which means that they can limit or even prevent the spread of a fire. These fabrics provide effective protection for bedrooms, play rooms, kitchens, living rooms and corridors. What's more, you do not need to lower your aesthetic standards to enjoy the benefits of the added safety they provide. What with their soft feel and large range of designs, these flame retard-ant fabrics are every bit as high in quality as classic window decorations. They can even be washed at temperatures of up to 60°.


Whether you're a parent with rowdy little explorers at home or someone who tends to lose their concentration at their age, these fabrics let you continue to enjoy romantic candlelight, regardless of your stage of life. Keep your home beautiful and safe.


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In addition to our fabrics, we are also impressed by these exceptional smoke detectors. They as well show that safety does not necessarily come along with a boring look. The designer fire detectors are available in different colors. So it's possible for you to find the perfectly fitting smoke detector for your home textiles. Great, isn't it?

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