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Doing a little spring cleaning

At last! The sun is shining, your sandals are back on and you’re already in a much better mood. For whatever reason, you feel a lot more motivated when the weather is on the upswing. Make the most of your positive outlook and new-found energy by sprucing up your home:


Clean out your wardrobe, defrost your freezer, wash the windows and declutter your garage. OK, so maybe that doesn’t sound like much fun. Actually, it seems like quite a lot of work. But trust us – once you’ve opened out your windows, cranked up your favourite tunes and treated yourself to a glass of refreshing Pimm’s, you’ll be done in no time at all.

How to properly clean your curtains

While it's important to do the chores mentioned above, you shouldn't forget about your drapery! Dust and pollen become engrained in your textiles over time. A greyish tinge will dull your fibres' brightness. We have compiled a list of washing instructions so you won't run into any nasty surprises or accidentally turn your chic drapery into a set of short café curtains. Take a look for yourself:


It's not just your drapery that needs special care. Your upholstery fabrics deserve a little attention too! You can find more tips and tricks on how to extend your upholstery fabrics' lifespan here.

Minimal effort with maximum impact

Now that every corner of your home is squeaky clean and free from clutter, you can treat your seat cushions and decorative cushions to a new summer outfit. We have created two springtime colour ensembles just for you.

We recommend a combination of delicate pink and grey shades if you're looking for a lovely interior design. The pattern or graphics of the textiles can then be a little more extravagant. Just add a few more decorative elements in silver, and voilà! You've achieved a whole new look.


A colour palette inspired by nature is perfect if you're feeling bold and want to add a splash of colour. Green and yellow shades give any room a natural radiance. Gold-coloured accessories add an elegant touch to your interior design and provide a beautiful contrast.


We hope you have a lot of fun redesigning your home and wish you a great start to this wonderful season!

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