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DIY wall hangings

Beautiful drapery and curtains for your windows aren't the only flourishes you can add to your home - your walls offer a perfect canvas for trying out all sorts of interior design options in line with your personal style. Shelves, pictures, wallpaper and lamps can create a cosy atmosphere. You can even install them at different heights! Wall hangings are also back in fashion, which is also why they are currently available in so many different styles. Whether you decide to put them in the kitchen, bedroom or living room, we are particularly fond of hand-knotted, boho-style Macramé wall hangings. Our Cordon string curtain is perfect for your first attempts at tying knots and making braids -

though to be perfectly honest, it's not that easy! But with a little practice and a step-by-step tutorial, we're sure that you'll quickly learn the ropes. The individual strings of our Cordon curtain retain their shape outstandingly well and can be very easily unravelled if you ever want to undo the knots. The length can be cut to any size and even be made into different shapes. We're decided to go for this elegant design in black and grey. If you would like to add a colour accent, then you've struck gold. You can find more about the different options for string curtains on our website.

But let's tie up some loose ends first. Even if it may not look like it, this entire wall hanging is made from one single knot - the reef knot. It all depends on the direction in which you lay the strings. More experienced crafters can create gorgeous patterns by combining different types of knots. Once you've caught Macramé fever, we're sure that you'll want to learn how to do much more. You can find further inspiration and a tutorial on how to imitate this style via the following links.

Feel free to show us the fruits of your labour and tag us on Instagram @ado_goldkante. We're excited to see what you've made!

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