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Bright lights and Christmas punch

The shorter and colder the days become, the more we look forward to the cosy Christmas season. But the days leading up to Christmas also have their own special magic thanks to them being filled with vibrant Christmas markets, all sorts of festive inspiration and - of course - delicious Christmas punch.



What helps us get into the Christmas spirit despite the stresses and strains of everyday work? Coming home to a warm and cosy house after a walk on a chilly Sunday afternoon, snuggling in between soft cushions, lighting some candles and enjoying a scrumptious mug of warm winter punch.



Here we go! Cut the apple into thin slices and heat up the apple juice with all the ingredients apart from the honey/sugar. As apple juice is often rather sweet, you may not need to sweeten the mixture. That's why you should taste your non-alcoholic punch after it has heated through before adding any honey or sugar. And that's it! Enjoy!


An easy peasy recipe for homemade, non-alcoholic fruit punch


What you'll need:

- 1 litre apple juice

- 1 stick of Ceylon cinnamon

- 2 cloves

- 3 organic lemon slices

- 1 small organic apple

- a little honey or sugar




And although enjoying your Christmas punch certainly helps make you feel warm and snug in your home, it goes without saying that ambience is also a crucial part of getting into the Christmas spirit. Hot tip: Candles, gold-coloured decorative fabric accents and soft, velvety cushions - choose dark or bold colour tones for the perfect look. Getting yourself an entire sofa covered with the cosy, fashionable fabric will also work just as well. Find the velvet you've been looking for in our range of soft upholstery and drapery fabrics:


From left to right: AVA, ISLA, ATACAMA, TENDER, AVA, ROY

AVA is incredibly beautiful to look at, unbelievably soft to the touch and very special in terms of its manufacturing process. This velvety upholstery fabric is laminated with a batting and a textile carrier material before being embroidered with a graphic plait pattern. Its blind stitch creates a captivating three-dimensional effect, while its modern contrasting pattern makes a bold statement. AVA will win you over in either classic colours or trend colours in pastel shades.


ISLA accentuates and reinvigorates any piece of small furniture or cushion in combination with either EBBA or AVA. It artfully juxtaposes its structure and soft velvet-look chenille fabric and matt and shimmer effects from top to bottom. ISLA is a fresh, modern fabric that gives any room a certain je ne sais quoi. Its technical characteristics in terms of its durability and low-maintenance quality makes it a true all-rounder.


ATACAMA has a wonderfully soft and padded velvet surface. As well as being snuggly and durable, this is an extremely low-maintenance, washable upholstery fabric. It is available in 11 colours, ranging from pastel shades to vivid tones. They can be mixed and matched for a cosy evening at home with (and on) the sofa!



The velour fabric TENDER features a rich spectrum of wonderful earth tones, bold trend colours and fresh, crisp hues. TENDER is an affordable polyester velour with a sophisticated velvet look. It is soft to the touch and extremely easy to care for.


The thermal fabric ROY radiates pure elegance thanks to its refined combination of delicate shimmering and soft velvety chenille materials. Available in 22 natural and vibrant colours, it keeps the heat in during the winter, and the cool in during the summer. In our images we used the colorway 556.

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