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A trendy mood board in autumnal shades

Fallen leaves rustle beneath your feet, and the air smells of damp moss and mushrooms. Autumn brings out the most beautiful sides of nature: The leaves on the trees display their full range of colourful splendour, the fresh wind flushes your cheeks and the crisp air leaves you feeling refreshed. The very best part of this season is coming home at the end of each day. Once you get there, you can read, cuddle around and relax - in other words, make yourself comfortable around the house and get ready for the winter. The autumnal colour palette ranges from warm shades of yellow and orange, to dark red, through to woody brown. We poked around a bit for you and put together a few accessories that will bring you through the cold time of year in trendy seasonal tones.

Small pieces often have a big impact, and can help you put together a new look in the blink of an eye. It's easiest to make a change with pillows, blankets and similar. When textiles are in the same colour family, such as yellow/orange, it's easy to mix together various colours and textures. Then all you have to do is put up a cool poster on the wall or plug in a special lamp, and you've got yourself a colourful autumn atmosphere.


Putting a new spin on your furniture represents a slightly more time-consuming option. It's worth it, though, since these items are usually old treasures that you're hesitant to part with. Once the upholstery starts to wear down, it's time to replace the fabric. New upholstery in striking colours will ensure that your favourite item of furniture gets the attention it deserves. You can find even more designs in our fabric catalogue.

The cold time of year is a treat for the senses. The air is full of special scents: It's a time for candles, teas and reflection. Special little things can easily sweeten your entire day, such as a new scented candle that fills your room with the aromas of cinnamon and vanilla, a sweet-smelling body lotion or a fragrant bubble bath. Don't forget to treat yourself every now and then! The ADO team would like to wish you a wonderful, relaxing autumn.

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