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Lightness, harmony and pure enjoyment of life: ADO Goldkante decorative fabrics bring fresh, natural looks and lively designs into your living spaces. Curtains, drapes and upholstery fabrics for furniture: In addition to the classic, timeless ADO fabrics, you will also find innovative functional textiles here, which offer antiviral, flame-retardant or darkening qualities. All ADO Goldkante curtain fabrics and upholstery fabrics are designed to last: They are particularly easy to care for and can be washed without any problems. Do you want to use your curtains in the living room, bedroom, kids' room, office or hotel? ADO curtain fabrics bring a flair of joy and naturalness to any interior. 


The ADO Product Functionalities

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So Easy to Care for

Curtain or upholstery – you can easily clean and iron all our fabrics. Find out why regular care of your ADO fabrics is important and how easy that is. Just follow the instructions and your natural and synthetic fabric will shine again brightly. 


All Care Tips

Sustainable Product Design

ADO upholstery, wall and curtain fabrics are developed according to five sustainability criteria. This is how we shape a responsible future together with our suppliers and partners.



Focus on Nature


We want to create more natural products. That's why the share of natural fibers in the new collection has increased significantly. ADO now has upholstery and curtain fabrics made of linen, cotton and viscose. We make sure to use as much recycled material as possible. 


Discover Natural Fibers
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Our Commitment to Quality

Delivering quality is the highest priority for each and every ADO product. That's why, for over 60 years, our fabrics have had to pass rigorous quality control tests before being sold to our customers. The ADO Quality Guarantee is our tradition and your security when buying fabrics. 


  • 5 years warranty for all our products
  • Rigorous testing of materials, washing, ironing and ready-made articles
  • Highest product standards thanks to strict quality control
  • Over 60 years of textile experience

Inspirations on Instagram

Which curtains match my interior design? What are the ADO novelties for upholstered furniture? What are the possible combinations? On our Instagram account you will constantly get new ideas for living with ADO fabrics. Follow now! 


Do You Have Questions About ADO Fabrics?

We have the answers to all your questions about ADO curtains and upholstery fabrics and provide you with comprehensive advice on all your concerns. Just contact our ADO head office! 

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