Fire retardant fabrics

Textile protection in the home

They have long been standard features in public spaces like kindergartens, movie theaters and hotels – fire retardant fabrics. In private homes these intelligent fabrics are less common but equally effective. In the case of emergency they prevent the fast spread of fire and are no less attractive than classic drapes and curtains, with their soft touch and wide range of designs  – many are even washable up to 60°. 


Safety first

Fire retardant fabrics prevent sparks from catching and the spread of fire in general. This is either due to the material properties themselves or through impregnation of the fabric, which delays the spread of fire. All our flame retardant fabrics have undergone stringent test procedures and are certified according to DIN standards. They are marked with the flame icon and offer effective safety in both private and public areas.


TURATI 1546 / 685

Benefits at a glance:

  • Certified high flame retardance 
  • Flame retardance is embedded in the fiber making it permanent 
  • Effective safety 
  • Ideal for public buildings as well as for private homes
  • No environmentally damaging flame-retardant treatment or finishing necessary

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