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New ADOs

Look forward to a textile-filled summer with our fabric innovations! You can look forward to laidback linen looks, lively designs and harmonious natural tones that whisk you away on a summery trip in your own home! Whether light-weight fabrics for light-filled rooms or hardwearing upholstery fabrics for a place to retreat to on hot days, we’ve got you covered!

HI LIGHT 1535 / 191 + 513

Washable and easy to care for

ADO fabrics are made to be machine washed and either hung damp to try or easily ironed.  made of linen are not suitable for the dryer and are best air dried on the washing line. It also makes life easier for allergy sufferers in the spring because even frequent washing does not have an adverse effect.

SUMMER 8013 / 573

Upholstery fabrics for allergy-sufferers

The Hi upholstery series consists of the specifically developed and tested Hitex® fiber, which is fully synthetic, very robust and easy to clean. In addition to the four already successful articles, there are now three new additions to the new collection: HI LIGHT, HI FRIEND and HI MINIMAL.

HI FRIEND 1536/ 544

There is so much more to discover in our new fabrics than you’ll see at first sight – ARISE FR RE not only contains recycled polyester, it’s also flame retardant and available in more than 9 colorways.

With its graphic print pattern, TERRA exudes Mediterranean vibes and, in addition to polyester, consists of renewable linen and viscose. As the name IMPULSE DIMOUT FR suggests, this is a highly flame-retardant dimout fabric that can turn your day to night.

Thanks to its thermal function it can effectively keep summer heat and winter chills at bay, ensuring a pleasant interior atmosphere.

TERRA 8002 / 563

Naturalness in focus

With the new collection we have increased the percentage of natural fibers in our fabrics, in order to create more natural products. As of now ADO has a selection of fabrics made of linen, cotton or viscose and naturally as much recycled fibers as possible.

WEEKEND 1005 / 443, ORA 3018 / 191
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