Inspired by the joy of harmonious interaction and the exchange between people and nature, we have come up with a collection full of lightness and positivity. #CONNECTED is a manifestation of living in harmony with what surrounds us. Reduced to the bare essentials, it shows that we don’t need much to enjoy life. Decorative joy combined with sustainable quality, a modern appearance with a pleasant touch and new functions to make life easier.

Sustainably beautiful

Our vision: to make ADO fabrics green. Our long-term aim is to switch to 100% recycled materials for our range, to ensure we use no new materials whatsoever and keep existing ones in the cycle instead. To move one step closer to our goals, we have developed our first sustainable collection with our producers, which contains between 39% and 63% recycled polyester.

By turning plastic waste into textiles and saving of energy, water and CO2 during the production process, we are trying to save as many resources as possible.

The biggest contribution we can make to sustainability is by creating products that are truly durable. Timeless designs with excellent lightfastness and washability make ADO fabrics sustainable companions that you will enjoy for a long time to come.

Hidden features

Fabrics can do so much more than just look great! They can improve the acoustics of a room, darken spaces, improve safety thanks to their flame retardant qualities as well as keep out the cold with their thermal properties. We also have some new additions to our range of functional fabrics: antiviral textiles are a preventative measure that can protect from bacteria and micro-organisms.

Easy on the eye

Our upholstery fabrics make living easy. EASY exudes an air of casualness on your favorite furniture, invites you to kick back and unwind on the soft-feel fabric and is even relaxed when it comes to stains: the fabric is extremely easy to clean and offers top stain protection and the usual ADO quality. Available in 29 on-trend interior colors: from subtle Scandinavian to impulsive Italian.

About the fabrics

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