A longing for harmony and balance is the driving force behind this collection. SLOW LIVING focuses on life and living in full-on relaxation mode. A variety of fabrics with a natural look and feel and nature-attuned designs can be mixed and matched as you please. Whether you’re looking for lightweight drapes or cozy upholstery fabrics, everything is perfectly coordinated.

Harmonious and muted/understated hues radiate serenity and warmth, inviting us to dream and take a breath/pause for a moment. Carefully coordinated and in keeping with the message of the collection, for a home that feels miles away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Cuddly faux fur fabric TEDDY ensures that you’ll feel cozy and warm, even on colder days. It can stop draughts as curtains, as well as being used as an upholstery fabric for your favorite armchair or simply turned into a fluffy cushion. In sheep’s wool white, greige or deep azure blue, TEDDY fits seamlessly into the laidback SLOW LIVING color palette.


A couple of splashes of color here and there can really lift the mood. That could be in the form of a bright mix of cushions, expressive curtains, striking wall paint or furniture in rich hues. We focused on muted and pastel tones in this collection, colors that you’ll never get tired of looking at.  

Curtain fabric STILLA is available in a range of more than 20 colors that are just waiting to find a new home: from classic white to warm berry tones to refreshing aqua hues, there is something to suit every taste here.  

When it comes to upholstery fabrics, the colors can be somewhat darker and richer because they have to withstand more everyday wear and tear. ADO upholstery fabrics are extremely durable, especially easy to clean and usually come with inbuilt stain protection that can effortlessly undo any small mishaps. 

WILSON 1575 / 884


Our new upholstery fabrics have something in common with beautiful textures and organic materials: they focus on the essentials, are high quality and do without any fuss or frills. While GATSBY surrounds us with sensual florals and WILSON takes a backseat with its understated wave structure, the pair still complement each other perfectly when combined. 

WILSON 1575, GATSBY 1558
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