FALL 2022

ADO fabrics are a fantastic companion for your home They are calming, invigorate your senses, help you sleep better and add a warm touch to your room – whether decorative, sheer, blackout or
thermal. Adorned with vibrant designs, a natural look and trendy colours and endowed with functional, high-quality features, these fabrics will bring you joy every day for years to come – thanks to our ADO quality guarantee and our five-year warranty on all our products.

Cosy comfort

ABERDEEN makes every piece of furniture a real eye-catcher. This trendy upholstery fabric is a two-toned bouclé with a unique 3D depth effect. With its soft and gentle feel, this wonderful fabric is available in 17 colours to fit a modern, traditional, minimalist or highly personalised interior design style.

Hidden function

Relaxing at home is best when it’s nice and quiet and the room temperature is just right. Our new products JAMES and PHLOX & DAHLIA combine all these characteristics, actively reducing noise levels with their acoustic muffling as well as keeping the heat inside in winter and out in summer, thanks to their thermal properties. To ensure there is something for every taste, JAMES is available in over 40 colorways to perfectly match any environment.

JAMES 2611

Airy, light and vibrant – and available in 20 great colourways – EVIE will bring a breath of fresh air to breathes new life into your home. This flame retardant, sheer fabric with a soft feel, elegant drape and shimmery sheen looks great in any room – even in the bathroom. It’ is low-maintenance and easy to wash at 60 ° C.

Interiors with a clear conscience, thanks to fabrics made with recycled fibers. LILY – an artistic rendering of cyanotype on fabric. Inspired by a traditional printing technique, the cyanotype, these textured curtains also serve as the canvas for this floral print, with its enticing background texture. Easy to clean, available in four modern colourways and made from with over 50% recycled threadfibers. 

LILY RE 3335 / 392

Vegan leather

CARDIFF is a highly durable fabric that looks great from any angle. Its deeply embossed woven texture in vegan leather is the defining design feature of this upholstery fabric. It also boasts a dynamic three-dimensional effect. The faux-leather fabric is available in 16 trendy colourways. This casuallaidback, eye-catching, high-quality, single-colourmonochrome fabric fits goes well with any interior style – from vintage to minimalistic.

CARDIFF FR 1505 / 932
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