Colorful, loud, in tune with nature, bold, fashionable, intellectual, traditional or extravagant? Regardless of your personality, you are unique and one-of-a-kind, just like the materials in the new spring collection BE UNIQUE by ADO. Bring your own personality and style to your own four walls – whether you prefer a bright and vibrant interior, or you’re on the search for relaxation or already the epitome of calm. With ADO’s varied offer, you can decorate your home to suit your own individual tastes – BE UNIQUE!

BUSSERO 1544 / 685

Swap the ordinary for the extraordinary – it’s time to up your fabric game. Go for “never-seen-before” instead of “been-there-done-that”. Try out something new, unique and extravagant. 

With your very own mix of patterns, you can add a touch of excitement and plenty of character to your home, in a style that is difficult to replicate. Be bold and add some extravagant to your home.


If you love tropical vibes or like to surround yourself with flowers and plants, the BE UNIQUE collection might be exactly what you’re looking for/could be the one for you. Bring a sense of harmony to your interior with natural elements – whether subtle in the form of a burnout fabric or as a jacquard weave, or as a bold print in subtle, balanced or striking colorways.

For those who like things relaxed and natural, yet still sophisticated: the easy-care textiles from this collection tick all the boxes.

Fantastic textures and unusual haptics will transform every interior into your own interior: showcase your fabrics and combine them with modern furnishings, beautiful accessories and your favorite heirlooms – for a home that is as individual as you are. 

MADAME MIM 4022 / 131
MADAME MIM 4022 / 131


You’ve been dreaming of new curtains for a while now and are wondering how to bring your ideas to life in the easiest way possible? When you’re ready to get the job done and change your home yourself, the interior decorators in our network will be happy to advise you.

SANTO 1224 / 485 + 886
SANTO 1224 / 485 + 886
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