Care tips

Long-lasting good looks...

We want you to be able to enjoy your curtains for a long time, so we recommend cleaning them regularly.

The necessary know-how

Washing curtains

Dirt becomes engrained between the fibres over time, which makes white curtains look grey, for example. You should therefore gently clean our products every three to six months.


Taking down the curtains

Wash your curtains as soon as you have taken them down and observe the care instructions on your product.

All of our fabrics are mashine washable at a temperature of at least 30 °C. But very delicate curtains can be washed in the bath using lukewarm water. When doing so, the curtains must be completely covered by the water. Leave to soak for 10–20 minutes. Then knead the curtain around in the alkaline solution. After washing, hang the curtains while damp. Arrange the folds immediately to avoid the formation of creases.

Remove and dust any accessories

Before putting your curtains in the washing machine, ensure that all pins, pleat pins, rolling rings, sliders and curtain weights have been removed so as not to damage the fabric. Before washing the curtains, you can shake them and carefully use a vacuum cleaner on them to remove any coarse dirt and dust

Um groben Schmutz und Staub zu entfernen, können Sie die Gardine vorab ausschütteln und mit dem Staubsauber vorsichtig absaugen.

Secure hems and place in a delicates washing bag

If any plastic sections are sewn into the curtain, secure the upper hem before washing and place the product in a delicates washing bag. You can use an ordinary pillowcase as an alternative to a delicates bag.



Wash your curtains separately – do not wash other items at the same time. The washing drum should only be filled to up to one third of its capacity. Follow the dosing instructions on the packaging of your detergent and select a gentle cycle without a spin dry function. After washing, use a short, gentle spin cycle (400 rpm) for the curtains.

Nach dem Waschgang die Gardinen nur kurz anschleudern (400 U/min.).


After washing, hang up the curtains while damp and arrange the folds. If small creases appear despite the gentle wash cycle, these can be easily removed by carefully ironing the damp curtains. Attention! Curtains should never be put in a tumble dryer.

Our recommendation

We recommend using Evidur Gardinen reinweiß, a special detergent for all white textiles, including curtains. With every wash cycle, we recommend performing a rinse cycle using evidur Gardinen superweiß. This is a fabric softener for whites that protects fibres and offers UV protection. This provides your curtains with effective, long-lasting protection from yellowing due to sunlight or nicotine. Each of the curtain’s fibres is covered with a protective coating, which also has a dirt-repelling effect. The fibres are also stabilised, which improves the hang of the folds. Using this additional brightening product will make your whites look dazzling for longer.

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